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    Zack Gallagher – G SHAPE – Pro Model-Sticky Clear

    INTRODUCING THE G SHAPE When Nick, Zack, & Paulsen were tasked with creating the new shape for Sweets Kendamas there were a LOT of ideas on the board. One of the first finalized samples we received was designed to be a cheat code for gunslingers while still fitting the form factor of a modern kendama. Because of a few factors this design was set to the side as the team finalized what would become the AMPED shape; an all-around honed ken shape for mass release. After the success of the Amped we are stoked to introduce this specialty shape we call the G SHAPE. Nick Mod Features KEN G Shape Maple w/ purpleheart core in sarado Balance Bevel in base cup Engravings NG logo Ginkgo leaves around big cup Kanda University logo under small cup TAMA 62mm Beech Sticky Clear or Cushion Clear INCLUDES Metal Spinner Bead Replacement String Nick Mod Stickers A portion of each sale goes directly to the player. Follow Nick on Instagram @nickgallagher42